Palmer Ridge quarterback Ty Evans doesn't let torn knee ligament end senior season before winning second state title
12/2/2018 1:05 PM


PUEBLO • If there was any question about Palmer Ridge quarterback Ty Evans’ desire, heart or love for his team and the game of football — there isn’t anymore.


Evans, a senior, tore his left MCL during the final game of the regular season — but continued to play through the injury to lead his team to a second-straight Class 3A state championship. Evans threw for 185 yards as the Bears defeated Pueblo East 47-38 in the championship.


“Going back to back means a lot but the bonds I’ve made with everyone at Palmer Ridge that’s what I’m going to miss,” Evans said. “Going out on top means a lot of my career and all of these seniors all of these coaches everybody deserves it.”


Evans said his injury does not require surgery, just four to six weeks of rest — after the season ends, of course.


Evans, who will sign his National Letter of Intent to play football at the Colorado on the Dec. 19 said he spoke with his coaches at CU, and got the green light to continue his senior season on his terms.


“My coaches at CU they pretty much just told me that if the doctors said it’s going to be OK, and if I was comfortable with it, they were fine with it,” Evans said. “We can handle any injury when I got up there. They wanted me to finish up my senior season and have no regrets and not look back and wish I had done anything differently.”


Late in the third quarter of Palmer Ridge’s final regular-season game against Discovery Canyon, Evans was tackled from behind.


He was helped off the field and examined on the trainers table, but despite getting up to cheer on the sideline with a taped left knee, Evans never got back into the game.


He was later diagnosed with a torn MCL.


“I just think my knee bent the wrong way,” Evans said. “It is a Stage II out of III torn MCL.”


But Evans wasn’t going to sit out as his team battled for a second-straight state title.


“They were talking about me sitting out against Pueblo South and Harrison, but I told the guys I wasn’t going to go out and not lead my team. I said to Luke (McAllister), you’re going to be a great quarterback, and you will have your shot,but this is my senior year, this is my team and no one else is going to go out there and lead them.”


Evans said his doctors said recovery would be four to six weeks without putting pressure on his knee. But Evans said he needed an alternative.


“They said with a brace and tape on my knee that it won’t get any worse, it’s just not going to get better,” Evans said. “I wanted to be out there, and my aches here just told me that I needed to do what I felt was right.”


Evans played through the pain, and moved as though he didn’t have an injury at all.


“Before and after the game it’s killing me, but it’s just pain you have to deal with as an athlete,” Evans said. “Not to like toot my own horn, I’m not going to compare myself to Michael Jordan’s flu game, but it’s kind of the same concept when I’m out there. Once I start warming up and the adrenaline starts going it’s just in the back of my mind. But then after the game when I have to ice and stuff and the adrenaline dump hits that’s when the pain starts coming back but I can handle that.”

It’s safe to say Evans had no regrets as he hoisted the 3A state championship trophy once again.

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